Jill Willard 


Acclaimed author of, “Intuitive Being,” Jill Willard has been working with children and families for over twenty-five years. Jill is well trained in multiple healing, wellness and listening modalities. Her wisdom and expertise focuses mainly on the connection between the brain, our body and our choices. Jill works with children, adults, and families live more fully in the present moment. She does this by specializing in understanding both sides of the brain as well as bringing in the front of mind to clear old stuck patterning.

The empowerment of Jill's message and her Present Program teachings have created a large global following. It is in the caring, compassionate, and wise-minded environment that Jill practices what she teaches honoring and exemplifying the golden rule in her everyday life: as a mother, wife, friend, colleague, business woman and beloved community member

A UC Santa Barbara graduate, Jill has always felt a deep connection to nature, the ocean and the environment. Jill currently resides in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband and three children.