Additional Offerings



The Present Parent is a wonderful, inviting evening or day session where the five breath and relationship pillars (the children/students are learning in the Present Program) are reviewed for reinforcement at home. 


This session and group talk lasts usually between 1-1.5 hours and includes time for questions or addressing any current life experience in parenting and/or simple tools to support shifting old thought patterns or outdated cultural teachings for a more in-the-moment life experience.




Present Self addresses the teen or tween mind and brain patterning. This program is the next step or '2.0' of the Present Program in the elementary schools where we support teens in group settings to learn and practice being presence in the upper or older adolescent body (ages 13 - 24 specifically.) This program broaches real time subjects and present/current life experiences such as hormones, stress and sleep imbalance, peer relations, family dynamics and modern/current stressors. Nothing is off limits if speaking in first person, telling the truth of one's experience. 


This can be one or more sessions. In this 40 minute session pre-teen, teen and young adults learn simple breathing techniques to reduce stress, increase listening to both body and brain cues, as well as simple stretches and tools to offer more function in both executive functioning as well as limbic flushing of the brain. We also offer time at the start and finish of the session to share a feeling or feelings, with clearing mind tools. Eye contact, using voice with honest communication and feeling witnessed (valued) the intent. We focus on slowing down mind chatter as well as less relying on external stimulus (such as social media and opinions of others) to more confidence and care in valuing decision making from within.

Groups are usually 4-8 teens or tweens and can include parents (usually mothers but not limited to) if group and each PS agrees. 




Present Exec focuses on the five main pillars of the breath techniques we teach in Present Program yet we focus mostly on getting out of overthinking left brain analysis to more right brain presence and calmness in real time moment.


For the busy exec, female or male, we offer this program for a tune up or to create new habits. This entails using a specific breathing technique or more than one to clear stress as well as get to the root of the pattern or experience to clear old habits from the mind and current life experience. We use hand weights, and simple sayings to strengthen the front right pre-frontal cortex to help balance and reduce the overuse of the amygdala (in the limbic system) which can lead to overload in mind, body and daily life.

This works as a single 40-50 minute session, most successful in a package of 3 to 5.

This can also be taught in working environment or lecture/office/group session.



PRESENT Movement

Our two beloved PTs (trained Physical Therapists) Nicole Stoddard and Stephanie Rudy along with Jill created a series of movements for Present Exec and Present Parent specifically. Present Movement (PM) consists of a very simple stretch series to get into the body, regulate and balance the brain and help open the chest (get spinal fluid moving) for a more open, relaxed, breathing and releasing experience with ease. 

PM helps calm mind, and open the RIGHT prefrontal cortex for more wise, in the moment, whole picture thinking and self-care.


This physically balancing program includes simple yet effective movements brain and body to come into realignment for spine, joint, organ, and mind health. These videos (also can be taught privately) help with increasing health and vitality, increased mobility, increased peace of mind, body awareness, attaining proper body alignment for both aging and stress reduction. Most videos are under 10 minutes and can be done daily. Flowing with the slow down of nature is the pace in these When the body is relaxed the brain can relax and recover (and visa versa.) 

Present Movement helps with sleep and be done before bed, or can be done in the morning before work or after a work out. We recommend doing these movements after breath work and before sitting or laying down for meditation or engaging in exercise. This program helps with bringing focus back to alignment and the body within; integrating mind, heart, lung, joint, and brain health. This invigorates daily life, self health, work, routine, presence of mind and patience for your own life experience as well as another’s.