The Present Program


Bringing the body back into balance and health-filled ease is our purpose at Present. The mission of Present is to help all folks understand and be more in their ‘right mind’. 

Present knows how to help accomplish this with breath work, attention on the mind’s use of upstairs and downstairs brain, and the limbic system that helps bridge the two. This understanding helps with brain-body connection, patterning, decision making skills, and feeling and releasing feelings big and small.

The Present Program focuses on both Emotional and Social Intelligence for children, adults, athletes, parents, and souls that are still children at heart. Helping children stay in their positive confident nature understanding self-responsibility and innate joy are Present's main goals. Jill's simple practical and time tested tools of breath and calming brain patterning, paired with repetition and sincere attention to body and mind connection, have help many children as well as young adults self-regulate, find confidence, heal behaviors and thrive from within. 

The simple method of the Present Program empowers our children (& our selves) to make mistakes and learn emotion intelligence (EQ) through trial and error and bravery to grow. In this fast pace life, healing emotion (often stemming from lack of self-worth, family patterning, anxiety, depression, pressure to succeed, as well as a highly competitive culture) has often been left unnoticed. This creates disconnect in the body and mind of children (and adults if left untreated.) The Present Program and the Present Parent addresses both. 

Jill and her team first created Present, the Present Program and Present Parent three years ago to help children and parents understand the power of deep breathing, being present and flushing out old patterning. The company has since expanded to create Present Exec and Present Movement. The team has a strong, accountable mission to help every person learn how to go (be) more deeply within the mind and body to heal; learning worth from the inside out and connecting to a birthright of a healthy and happy body, a flexible mind, an internal trust, and activating (or reactivating) an already open, creative, forgiving brave heart. The Present Program helps children take ownership of choices (and how to make a new choice), understand defensive thoughts and actions, without shame nor comparison. The Present Program supports new patterns in brain and breathing.

How it works?

Jill and team meet all students in this space and moves them through practical tools for their emotional 'toolbelt'. The Present Program is a five session, 5-10 minute per session school program or can be done at assembly and whole school gatherings. The Present Program is lead by five pillars and five colors (see bracelet.) These pillars are taught one at a time at each 5/10 minute session, to equal five total. The Golden Rule supports this teaching.

The program is a simple, effective teaching for deeper and calming breathing. This teaching helps with anxiety reduction, self-responsibility, body stress sign recognition as well as increasing EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Social Emotional awareness. This program helps each student (and caretaker/family) by offering simple tools to effectively respect their self and another, share emotion, grow and expand curiosity, offer internal worth value, stay flexible, make mistakes and learn without shame.

This entire program is focused and grounded in the working of THE BRAIN and the BREATH supporting the MIND and brain. Specifically bridging more relaxation and oxygen flow through each part of brain evenly and continuously. Understanding emotions, breathing through feeling, and how to move energy out of of the body before deep patterning occurs, are the pillars of Present.  The program's main teachings are for ages 5-12, with a mentoring program for middle school and high school students.